“There's people down here now, there's life down here now. That gives it a really different feel and a really good feel.”

-Kristin Fernandez

Sahadi's Fine Foods

“I remember we started in the food hall in a pop-up space and people were curious to try our food. Soon enough, as Industry City grew, so did we.”

-Alejo Sanchez

Taco Mix

“You’re not only coming in learning code, you’re learning particular life skills and how to succeed in the workforce.”

-Matthew Soto

Opportunities for A Better Tomorrow

“Entrepreneurs like myself with Sunset Park roots need the opportunities Industry City is providing.”

-Willie Villegas

Salsa Sunday

“It is amazing to be able to walk to work and be a part of the rebirth of such an important part of Sunset Park.”

-Crys Cooper


“El crecimiento de mi negocio me ha permitido emplear a muchos residentes de Sunset Park.”

-Julia Fierro

Maria’s Bistro

“I want to come here and see some guys I grew up with having shops here too.”

-Eric Aleman

King of Kings

“I’m thrilled to see Industry City coming back to life and with a promise of access to the jobs of tomorrow.”

-Liliana Polo-McKenna

Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow

“We now have a world class manufacturing facility, we’re able to attract top talent.”

-Jason DeSalvo

Fodera Guitars

“Most of my workforce walks to and from work.”

-Shant Madjarian

Juniper Design

“We must look to the next generation of jobs, not the last generation of jobs.”

-Pat Whelan


“Industry City has consistently worked to help me grow.”

-Jennie Dundas

Blue Marble Ice Cream

“We needed a landlord and an ecosystem that embraced small businesses and start-ups.”

-Eric Eve

Ichor Strategies

“If not for a place like Industry City, where are young people going to learn technologies that will propel advanced manufacturing into the future?”

-Darryl Hawes

M Factory

“El desarrollo de Industry City ha sido muy positivo para la comunidad. Ha creado más trabajos y traído gente con diferentes habilidades.”

-Daniel Lima


“I think there’s something the neighborhood could benefit from.”

-AJ Rosado