“It’s a big opportunity for me as a high school student and a big leap to my future and what I want to be.”

-Jonathan Castro

Sunset Park High School and AECOM

“This definitely has opened doors for me to other hobbies id want to pursue and passions I’d want to incorporate into my future.”

-Rana Hidais

Sunset Park High School and Abelcine

“If you’re a resident of Sunset Park I recommend you take advantage of all the opportunities. It’s just making connections, and I’m proof that if you make a connection, there’s positive outcomes to it.”

-Guadalupe Clemente


“To take New Yorkers and employ them here and do special things like we do, that's a really exciting prospect.”

-Toland Grinnell

Evergreene Architectural Arts

“Being in Sunset Park has allowed us to hire people from the local areas and work with vendors who we otherwise wouldn’t have met.”

-Libby Mattern

Malia Mills

“I really do feel that the businesses coming here will grow and the businesses that will be growing will teach the community how to fish and grow themselves. And everyone wins with that.”

-Jacqueline Capriles & Ana Diaz

Diaz Electric

“My parents came to Sunset Park 30-40 years ago, so I was born and raised here. I’ve seen people that I grew up with working here, that’s great opportunity for them.”

-Sudhey Reyes

The One Bridal

“There's people down here now, there's life down here now. That gives it a really different feel and a really good feel.”

-Kristin Fernandez

Sahadi's Fine Foods

“I remember we started in the food hall in a pop-up space and people were curious to try our food. Soon enough, as Industry City grew, so did we.”

-Alejo Sanchez

Taco Mix

“You’re not only coming in learning code, you’re learning particular life skills and how to succeed in the workforce.”

-Matthew Soto

Opportunities for A Better Tomorrow

“Entrepreneurs like myself with Sunset Park roots need the opportunities Industry City is providing.”

-Willie Villegas

Salsa Sunday

“It is amazing to be able to walk to work and be a part of the rebirth of such an important part of Sunset Park.”

-Crys Cooper


“El crecimiento de mi negocio me ha permitido emplear a muchos residentes de Sunset Park.”

-Julia Fierro

Maria’s Bistro

“I want to come here and see some guys I grew up with having shops here too.”

-Eric Aleman

King of Kings

“I’m thrilled to see Industry City coming back to life and with a promise of access to the jobs of tomorrow.”

-Liliana Polo-McKenna

Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow

“We now have a world class manufacturing facility, we’re able to attract top talent.”

-Jason DeSalvo

Fodera Guitars

“Most of my workforce walks to and from work.”

-Shant Madjarian

Juniper Design

“We must look to the next generation of jobs, not the last generation of jobs.”

-Pat Whelan


“Industry City has consistently worked to help me grow.”

-Jennie Dundas

Blue Marble Ice Cream

“We needed a landlord and an ecosystem that embraced small businesses and start-ups.”

-Eric Eve

Ichor Strategies

“If not for a place like Industry City, where are young people going to learn technologies that will propel advanced manufacturing into the future?”

-Darryl Hawes

M Factory

“El desarrollo de Industry City ha sido muy positivo para la comunidad. Ha creado más trabajos y traído gente con diferentes habilidades.”

-Daniel Lima


“I think there’s something the neighborhood could benefit from.”

-AJ Rosado